Kindel Keiser

Business Challenge:

Essenta Ltd is an international logistics company who needed brand exposure and new customers for one of it’s subsidiaries – Kindel Keiser, a real estate broker.

Implemented Solution:

Brand exposure.

We developed a Facebook application, built viral campaign around that and reached more than 220 000 people in less than 30 days. The campaign was launched with minimal advertising costs, message spread mostly virally. During the first 24 hours more than 10 000 people joined the campaign, making it as one of the fastes growing Facebook sweepstakes campaign in Baltic States region.

New Customers

People who joined the campaign had a chance to win romantic dream vacation for a two (Goa India; Canary Islands; Israel Eilat). In addition, participants had the chance to win 200 € gift card that was designed to help people in real estate matters (purchase, sale, rent). As a result within first 24 hours nearly 500 people expressed their interest to consume Kindel Keiser real estate service. By the end of the 30-day campaign the number of new customer contacts rose to 1500 people.



The main causes of campaign success
  • 1

    Based on a comprehensive thorough analysis of the target group, we were able to build a successful social media strategy. We knew that when it comes to family home purchase, women are strong decions influencers and man’s role is more of a transactional type.

  • 2

    We developed a unique Facebook application with great interface (API) that had good social & viral hooks.

  • 3

    We picked the right prize for the campaign that strongly impressed women.


Campaign diagram

Target audience

  • 10 000 fans in first 24 hours
  • 500 new customer leads in first 24 hours
  • Total number of new customer leads: 1500 in 30-days

Brand exposure

  • 26 000 fans in 30-days
  • 200 000+ freind invites in 30-days

Client testimonial

„Algus Agency has a team of talented young people who make fabulous campaigns. And they are always there for you, even on weekends after 8pm when needed.“

Janek Valtin
CEO, Essenta Ltd