Business Challenge:

Business Support and Credit Management Foundation (Estonian acronym ESA) helps to grow new businesses in Tallinn area.

They turned to us with a wish to develop a new website that would have simplified and clearer structure as well as grab better attention of target audience – new businesses and investors, who could get neccessary information fast, easily & impressively.

Implemented Solution:

Better attention of target audience

In order to create better attention of target audience we gathered sound information about their demographics & psychographics, mapped it and designed unique brand positioning.

Simplified and clearer structure

In addition to audience mapping, we analyzed website visitor temperaments and built overall usability around that.



Target audience feedback
  • 1

    Feedback has been very positive, new website affects people in a modern, innovative and attractive way.

  • 2

    New web is social and has many calls for action

  • 3

    New website is not misleading, people can find relevant information fast and easy. Overall web structure is self-explanatory for target user.

Campaign diagram

Target audience

  • Modern Up-to-Date Brand image (design & dynamics)
  • Social media integration


  • Improved overall usability and user experience (UX)
  • Content marketing platform (blog)
  • Easy-to-use Content Management System (Wordpress)

Client testimonial

„Algus helped us a great deal with their creative concept as well as strategically. Starting from goal setting and target audience analysis to overall brand image improvement with modern up-to-date web design & usability. There were no complications, it was a pleasure to work with Algus. And we’ll continue to work with them on future projects.“

Katrin Jaaska
Marketing director, ESA